History of Islam in Japan


The light of Islam emanated from the Arabian Peninsula and spread eastwards to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Indian sub-continent, then to Malaysia and reached as far as China and Philippine. It continued spreading for a long time and reached different parts of the world but reached Japan only towards the end of the nineteenth century. In fact, Japanese, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, feel wonder why Islam was so delayed and did not reach Japan at the time it did reach to China and  Philippine. In the present pamphlet, I would like to present a chronology of Islam in Japan, writing whatever information I have about each point in time, based on fifty years of my life which I spent in Japan and fifty years of research. The present work does not pretend to be exhaustive, but different writings on the subject will certainly provide a more comprehensive study. I hereby present my work, seeking the good pleasure of Almighty Allah. I pray to Allah (S.W.T.) for His Mercy and I beg my Muslim bothers for forgiveness.